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your blog makes me really happy and I come here when im sad sometimes and just read for hours and im so happy so please keep doing it's really great what you do :)

I appreciate messages like this so much. All of you make me so happy and I’m extraordinarily glad to have you here

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official list of which ones of you have made out with each other? (or maybe a list of who /hasn't/ made out with each other, I bet that'd be shorter)

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I'm new here and I wanted to know Did you change the pairing of the blog from Stiles and Isaac to Stiles and Derek? If so why?

Oh no honey, not at all, see what I try and do is I am a multishipper, so instead of having just one pairing being focused on, I’m giving people moments that can be interpreted for any of the ships they want! (The actual “canon” ship for this blog is sterek but it can really be anything you want, even Sciles if you so please!) So I don’t like to have sterek all the time in-your-face just kind of moments for each ship, if that makes sense!

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This blog is the best thing ever. Keep up the good work♥

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Hey, where's Allison?

I do not include Allison in my characters, sorry!

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